by | Apr 21, 2020 | Photography

As a lot of people, I am spending a considerable amount of time at home. In order to not lose it, more, I am walking around with my camera. I discovered a good number of photographic compositions in different domains of photography.

There is a wired number of animals around here actually.

The confinement gave me a new and fresh look on where I live, is it also the case for you?

As I looked closer and closer, taking every chance I got to satisfy my need to create and capture images, I began to see hidden gems.

I was mind blown to see this little guy just chilling in the sun. Photographically speaking, the sun was a bit too bright, but the picture is amazing, squirrels don’t usually wait for sunset for photographers ;).

By chance, there is a mountain, the “Salève” visible from the house. I had already taken images of it in the past, but as with the animals, the more time I spent here, the more it unveiled details I missed to see. For example the tunnel in the second image.

I never saw frost like that in almost 3 years living here!

I feel that, photography unlocks a certain ability to see details and scenes that others miss. This is even more true in confinement when we are coming back to the same places again and again.

Hoping that this short article on my experience has brought you some hope! 😉